Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary

If you are looking for the best things to do in Athens with kids, toddlers and teens, this 3 day Itinerary is just for you. Athens is lively, dynamic and has to see. Also Athens is rich in history, mythology, and good weather! Making Athens an ideal destination for families all year round. Children will have their imaginations ignited by the magic of ancient civilizations and be able to visualize where Greek mythology was born while exploring the layers of history in this thriving city.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 1

Athens is among the best locations in Europe for a city break with kids, but it is also definitely a destination where a longer family holiday would be fantastic idea too. There’s more to Athens than the “urban” city, Athens is surrounded by beautiful mountains with a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is Ideal for active families who love to hike and bike and for nature-lovers as well. It is also embraced by a stunning coastline that has much more than child friendly beaches to offer!

Follow this itinerary and find the best things to do in Athens with kids. The 3 day itinerary details the best walking tours, food tours, treasure hunts and hands-on activities for toddlers, young kids and teenagers. We’ve included the most family-friendly way to visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon as well as the other important monuments and museums. You can also find suggestions for on and off the beaten path daytrips beyond Athens like island-hopping in the Saronic Gulf and leisure in the Athens Riviera. Not to mention special explorations in Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon, Eleusis and Marathon for the whole family to enjoy.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 2

Brief Itinerary in Athens with Kids

  • Day 1: Acropolis with Kids, Athens Hills & Plaka
  • Day 2: The heart of modern Athens
  • Day 3: The Green side of Athens, Kolonaki & Lycabettus
  • Bonus Day: The Athens Riviera & Sounio

Detailed itinerary in Athens with Kids

Day 1: Acropolis, Athens Hills & Plaka

Start your Athens family trip with a child friendly mythology tour to the Acropolis Hill and the Agora to get acquainted with the Parthenon and the city’s main sites Greek Mythological sites. It here that you will discover the Agora, the heart of Ancient Athens, which was the one of the famous trading centers of the ancient world. This is where Democracy and Philosophy were born. Try to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds and the summer heat. In any case don’t forget your sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion. Also remember to bring a bottle of water, wear comfortable non-slippery shoes and light-colored clothing.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 3

Then continue to the Acropolis Museum. Enhance you experience with a guided tour led by a state-licensed guide experienced with kids. In case you have toddlers, the tour at the Acropolis Museum can be combined with an educational activity. While the grown ups explore the Museum a parallel activity runs for their toddlers with the guidance of an experienced educator. This way the toddlers explore the city’s past, meet the Karyatides, draw their observations and indulge in a role-playing game with Athena and Poseidon. Depending on your interest a visit to the Acropolis Museum will take 1 ½ -2 hours. The terrace of the museum has a cafe’-restaurant with splendid views and a tasty menu.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 4
Acropolis Museum in Athens

Climb up the Pnyx Hill to cherish the most magnificent views of the Acropolis and the Parthenon. It is from this hill that you will further your understanding of Athenian democracy. Pynx Hill famous for being the meeting place of the Athenian Ekklesia (Assembly) and the cradle of Democracy. On the hill the children will have the opportunity to enjoy painting the Parthenon or take part in an educational activity to better understand the Athenian Democracy at its birthplace. After Pynx hill visit the Hill of the Nymphs. On top of this hill is where the National Observatory stands. It is said that the ancient astronomer Meton observed the sky and the stars from the same place in the 5th century BC!

As the day grows long you reccomend you to explore the area of Plaka. Plaka is the oldest and the most charming of Athens diverse neighborhoods. In winter you will smell the aromatic roast chestnuts. In spring and summer the odor of jasmine from the tiny yards will capture your senses! Walk in the pedestrian part of the city and trace the remnants of the city’s various pasts. Plaka is full of things to see like the Roman Agora, the Old University, the Tower & Bath House of the Winds, the Benizelos Mansion, the Monument of Lysicrates and the spectacular byzantine churches. Two favorite’s that you should try not to miss are the Museum of Greek Children’s Art and the School life & Education Museum. These are perfect for the kids!

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 5
Plaka Neighborhood in Athens

Day 2: The heart of modern Athens

Explore the modern face of the city starting from Syntagma square. After the establishment of the modern Greek state and the relocation of the Greek capital from Nafplio to Athens this is where the modern city grew from. It used to look like a rural land with ancient greek ruins scattered amounst the land. The the city started to develop around the Palace of Otto – Greeks first king. He lived in castle with his queen Amalia. Now the palace is the seat of the Greek Parliament in Syntagma Square (Constitution Square). From Syntagma you can also hop on the city tour buses or the happy train to sit back and see the city if your kids are tired!

Discover the flavor of Athens with your taste buds with this unique kid-friendly food tour passing by Monastiraki – the Central Market and the neighborhood of Psirri. Leave the hard work to the experts so you can focus on having a great time with your family. In the neighborhood of Psirri younger children can participate in a comics’ workshop to create their own hero. For the older children there is a fantastic Street Art workshop that comes highly recommended by locals and travellers.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 6
Comic Workshop for Children in Athens

In the afternoon continue to Thisseio, a traditional area of downtown Athens, where you will find one more Athenian gem! The Herakleidon Museum focuses on Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics. The perfect way to enrich your trip to Athens with kids. The museum is located in a picturesque pedestrian street that used to host the old tramway line and leads to the heart of the industrial neighborhood of Athens, Gazi.

Technpolis is full of wonders for your trip to Athens with kids and it can be found in Gazi. Roday Technopolis is cultural complex which promotes education and life-long learning for the whole age range amongst other things. There are frequent kids workshops and craft fairs to get the kids involved as well as plenty of interactive learning to be had. The building used to be the old gas factory which powered Athens for over a century and was one of the first factories that branded Pireos Avenue as Athens’ industrial zone. Inside you can also find the industrial gas museum.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 7
Pottery Workshop for Kids in Athens

Day 3: The Green side of Athens, Kolonaki & Lycabettus

Day 3 of our athens with kids itinerary begins with a trip to the green side of the city a walk along the bank of the ancient Ilissos. Back in the glory days of Ancient Greece this Ilissos river was the water supply for the city. Astonishingly the river still runs today but underneath Athens and the original river bank is open to as a trail to the public. Head along the river in the direction of the Zappeion and then the Panathenaic Stadium.

The Panathenaic stadium went down in history as the place modern Olympics were revived in 1896 after 1503 years. Become an Olympic athlete for a day and explore the fascinating history of the Olympics. Visit the place from where the Olympic flames starts its journey every four years… You can even run the track if you like!

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 8
Panathenaic Stadium in Athens

Next up is the vibrant National Garden. Created by Amelia, the queen of Otto, who loved nature, trees and flowers. A family walk at the National Garden amidst trees and the colorful peacocks is refreshing break from the city all year round!

The rest of day 3 is spent in Kolonaki and at this point you will have worked up an appetite. Why not swap lunch for a Greek family cooking class at an exceptional local venue. The cooking class takes place in traditional deli which serves a lengthy tastings menu. Learn about local cuisines whilst having fun with family. Adults can spice up the experience with a wine-tasting session while kids have a “Grape” time!

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 9
Family Cooking Class | Athens with kids

Kolonaki is full of things to do for children. We suggest a visit the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. This once in a lifetime expereince will take you on an educational journey back in time. In the museum you can book a family-friendly interactive tour which let the kids get stuck into an educational program. Watch them master the basic of Ancient Greek calculating mechanisms, telecommunication & cryptography. The experience also includes playing ancient Greek strategy games. Close to the museum is the Lycabettus Hill Cable Car. There’s no better was to watch the sun go down on Athens.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 10
Ancient Greek Strategy | Athens with Kids

Bonus Day: The Athens Riviera & Sounio

Swap this day in to your 3 day Athens with kids itinerary or extend your trip for the Athens Riviera. Dedicate a full day to this activity and either hire a car or take a day trip. The day begins in Fairlo is the liveliest southern suburb of Athens with excellent taverns and restaurants. Check out the Esplanade which is ideal for strollers and all kinds of toy cars. Enjoy the Flisvos Park with its playgrounds and the Flisvos Marina with its family friendly restaurants and coffee shops.

Opposite to the Marina, you will find the “Benaki Toy Museum” opened which opened in 2017. It display the the collections of Mari Argyiadi and considered one of the most important of it’s kind in europe. It contains a treasure trove of toys, books, ephemera, clothing and other items associated with childhood from all over the world. It’ possible to book a private guided tour here. Children love to learn about the children of the past and what they had.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 11
Benaki Toy Museum | Athens With Kids

Continuing further to the south you will reach Glyfada. It a cosmopolitan coastal suburb in the south of Athens. On the quay at Glyfada there is a rescue and rehabilitation center for sea turtles operated by theSea Turtle Protection Society of Greece. Its purpose is to treat injured and sick sea turtles and eventually release them back into the sea. Part of the project is raise awareness about this rare species that reproduces on the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. The center offer Sea Turtle Rescue Tours and you can even adopt a Sea Turtle for 10 days. Great lunch options can be found at Glyfada beach.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 12
Sea Turtle Protection Societ Greece

A visit to Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon is among the best things to do in Athens. The Temple of Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the sea, dominates the southernmost tip of Attica… Where the horizon meets the Aegean Sea and the legends and myth originate from. Such as the ship of King Menelaus who stopped briefly at Sounio on his way back from Troy. Or the tale of the unfortunate King Aegeus who drowned himself on that spot and thus we have the name Aeggean sea. Discover the story of the people who built the temple using local marble to honor the Poseidon and safeguard the profits from the neighboring Lavrio mines.

Athens with Kids | 3 days Itinerary 13
Temple of Poseidon

For the adventurous families it’s possible to rent kayaks here and explore the coastline around Cape Sounio. Otherwise, just relax on the beautiful beach by the foot of the Temple. Nearby are the dazzling beaches of Legrena and Harakas. All three are family-friendly, sandy and with shallow waters. In the area are two authentic taverns for fresh fish and seafood with a view of the Cape and the Temple called Ilias and Acrogiali. It can busy so it’s advisable you book at weekends.

More days in Athens with kids?

Find below some ideas for day trips from Athens:

  • Enjoy an island hopping in the Saronic Islands, such as Aegina, Hydra and Poros
  • Visit Piraeus and stroll around an off-the-beaten path neighborhood, discover some gems of the urban craft industry and create your Greek souvenirs at a traditional loom.
  • Take a family hiking trip to Mount Imitos
  • Visit Rafina and enjoy an eco-tour ideal for school age kids
  • Take an excursion to Marathon and experience farming and a winery visit designed for families including many activities in nature and the vineyards for kids.
  • Journey the Ancient “Sacred Road” to Eleusis with a stop to the Athens Botanical Park for a mythology and botany tour.

Need some help in trip planning by the best family travel agents in Greece? MAMAKITA family travel specialists can customize this itinerary according to your preferences, age of kids, travel pace and budget. Enjoy your family holidays in Greece without worrying about family friendly accommodation or kid-friendly tours and activities by making your request here.

Written by Eleni Fotiou, travel journalist, founder & travel specialist at ΜΑΜΑΚΙΤΑ Family Friendly Greece and family travel advisor for Greece and Italy with Travel 12 and KimKim.

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Elena and her team at Mamakita Family Friendly Greece
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