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Borromini: Rome’s Forgotten Genius

At a guess, I would say that 3/4 of new visitors to Rome have never heard of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, …

renessaince painters teenage mutant ninja turtles

Who are the Ninja Turtles named after?

Who are the Ninja Turtles named after? Whether you studied art history or not, it is certain that you can …

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Life and Death of Caravaggio

Who is Caravaggio? Mad, bad and dangerous to know. That legend is inscribed over the memory of Lord Byron, but …

facts about rome

50 Incredible Facts about Rome

If you’re visiting Rome or simply want to know the most interesting facts about Rome, we’ve put together this list …

Gladiator fight in the Colosseum

Gladiators in Ancient Rome

Roman history was once considered boring. Then Hollywood glorified the gladiators in Ancient Rome.  Twenty years ago Ridley Scott’s movie …