Colosseum Drone Video 2020 & 5 Facts

Colosseum Drone Video

The mastermind behind Invidio strikes again with another breathtaking Rome drone video. This time Luigi Palumbo has produced a spectacular feature of the Colosseum by drone. Watch as he elegantly flaunts angles of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum that the world has never seen before.

Colosseum Drone

The recent outbreak of Covid-19 has majorly disrupted life for everyone in the world. Although the virus has brought alot of negativity into the world, we can’t ignore some of the positive things that have emerged since the outbreak. Many of us have been pursuing hobbies, learning new things and connecting with family and friends, etc. One of the positive things for Rome is the beautiful imagery and drone videos that have started surfacing on the internet. If you enjoyed the Colosseum drone video then check out the Trevi Fountain Drone video!

Colosseum Drone

Top Colosseum Facts

Who built the Colosseum? How long did it take the build the Colosseum? The list of questions are endless. Some questions we know the answers to, and some we do not, here are some facts Colosseum facts you need to know…

8 years to build

The Colosseum was constructed between the years of 72-80ad by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty. Yes, that massive structure took just 8 years to construct. It’s astonishing how efficient slave labor in Ancient Rome really was. Unfortunately, Emperor Vespasian never saw his masterpiece in action because he died just one year before its completion.

100 days of Games

Upon completion of the Colosseum, the inaugural games were ordered by Emperor Titus, the son of Vespasian. The games were held in 80 ad and lasted for a staggering 100 days. How many people died in 100 days of games? Though we cannot be certain of how many human lives were lost, 5000 animals are said to have died. The festivities included bloodthirsty gladiator battles, recreations of famous victories, and hunts of exotic animals – some experts believe that it was even possible to flood the Colosseum and perform naval battles. Although we cannot quite be sure whether this really took place inside the Colosseum, the Romans had stadiums purposely built for staged Naval battles called Naumunchia.

Colosseum Drone Video 2020 & 5 Facts 1


Despite common conception Gladiatorial fights did not always result in death. Hollywood is to blame for that! Similar to martial arts today there was a referee in the arena monitoring what was going on. Gladiators were an investment for their masters, and therefore they wanted their returns! Mercy was often shown and lives were spared. That’s not the only thing that’s been lost in translation, although we know the Emperor used a hand signal to spare the life, or the end the life, of a gladiator we don’t actually know what the hand signal was. Hollywood decided it was thumbs down for death.

Lions in the Colosseum

Before the Gladiators fought each other on competition day the Emperors would warm the crowds up with animal fights and hunting in the Colosseum. The same prospect as having the undercard at boxing events. You got to save the best till last. However, the crowds went crazy for the animals. Especially when the emperors summoned exotic animals like tigers, lions, and giraffes. Lions were an expensive game in Ancient Rome and had to be transported safely from North Africa to Rome. As a result, it’s estimated that Lions had a mere street value of 2 million euros back in the day!

Colosseum Drone Video 2020 & 5 Facts 2


In between the morning animal hunts and the gladiatorial games in the afternoon, there was a break for lunch. The wealthy merchants, senators, and the emperor and his entourage would leave the Colosseum to feast and drink in nearby establishments. The Plebians, the poor lower class, were given a free lunch inside the Colosseum. There’s no such thing as a free lunch though! During this break, public executions were held and people were tried for all sorts of allegations to remind the Roman lower class of what happens to those that break the law or oppose the Roman regime. Bread and Circuses!

Visiting the Colosseum

Ready to experience the Colosseum in real life? Great. We want help you make the most it. See our informational blog on the best tours and tickets for the Colosseum! Questions about visiting? Get in touch!

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