Dress Code for the Vatican City

dress code for the vatican
It’s important you abide by the dress code for the Vatican. This infograph gives the information on the Vatican dress code.

Dress Code for the Vatican & Important Info

The dress code for the Vatican is quite strict. Everyday tourists are refused entry for these reasons. You will need to make sure that you adhere to the Vatican’s dress code to ensure that don’t have any trouble getting inside. The general rule is that shoulders cannot be on show and neither can your thighs. It maybe be tempting to risk it – especially in summer when Rome can get extremely hot – but you won’t be able to get away with it here.

Ladies Dress Code for the Vatican

Sleeveless and low cut garments are not allowed. Make sure you cover your shoulders. If you are wearing a skirt, dress, or pair of shorts then make they come down to the knee at least.

Men’s Dress Code for the Vatican

Wear a t-shirt at the least. No vests. If your wearing shorts gentleman then make sure they aren’t ‘short shorts’. Shorts should be level with your knee.

Dress Code for the Vatican City 1

Tattoos and Offensive symbols

Tattoos are allowed. However, the dress code for the Vatican does not allow for anything with may be considered offensive to Catholic morality, the Catholic religion or to common decency. This applies to jewellery, symbols and slogans on your clothing.

Security and Permitted Items

The Vatican City may be the smallest country in the world but they take security very seriously and you will undergo a security check upon entry – similar to airport checks. A passport isn’t required to cross this border but you should be carrying some form of ID with you just in case. Bags are allowed in the Vatican but if they are of a certain size then they make ask you to store the bag in the cloakroom. You are not permitted to enter with weapons, knives, metal tools, scissors, large umbrellas, and video filming equipment.

Cell Phones and Cameras

Phone photography and cameras are permitted inside except from in the Sistine Chapel. Taking a picture in the Sistine chapel is an offence you that you could visit the Vatican Jail for. The Vatican City has the highest capita of policemen to people in the world and it’s own jail… That you don’t want to end up in!

Dress Code for the Vatican City 2

Tickets for the Vatican

Tickets to the Vatican can be purchased online directly from the official site. Tickets cost 17 Euros for adults and 8 euros for the reduced ticket – For children between the ages of 6 – 18 and for students under the age of 25 with a valid student card. Infants aged 5 and under are free. The ticket grants you access to the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica.

Vatican City Tours

The Vatican Museums displays over 70,000 pieces over 2000 rooms. That’s a lot to take in and complete maze to anyone who is visiting for the first time. Taking a guided tour of the Vatican assist you to discover the best of the Vatican City, and learn the fascinating history behind the heart of Christendom. A fantastic Vatican guide will help you make sense of its importance, and some of the main characters involved in about 3 hours – the visit also includes the Sistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica as well.

Dress Code for the Vatican City 3

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