Colosseum Tour With Underground Access

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Our Colosseum Tour with Underground Access is our most comprehensive, and includes every section of the Colosseum, plus Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum – all with premium skip-the-line access.

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Tour Highlights

– Colosseum Tour with Underground Access
– Experience the Colosseum dungeons and tunnels
– In-depth experience of the whole Colosseum
– Access to restricted areas not open on regular tours
– Skip the line access to an entrance not available to the general public
– Guided by one of Rome’s most experienced tour guides
– Free time after the tour to wander and take incredible photos

Tour Description

If it’s got big teeth and a taste for human flesh, there’s a pretty good chance it once called the Colosseum Underground home. The subterranean chambers beneath this epic monument weren’t just for fearsome gladiators – they also housed many of the wild beasts shipped in from across the Roman Empire: from Bavarian Brown Bears to Syrian Lions. Our Colosseum tour with underground access is our most comprehensive, and includes every section of the Colosseum, plus Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum – all with premium skip-the-line access.

We’ll enter the arena – where all the juicy action happened. On a big day of festivities, this 87x55m patch of dust was the beating heart of Ancient Rome. Close your eyes whilst stood in the centre and you can almost hear the ecstatic cheers and blood-curdling screams of the old days. Thankfully, we won’t be required to slay any bears, lions or gladiators whilst we’re here (we hope!).

We’ll then descend beneath the Colosseum floor to the fabled Undergound. This spooky area was the backstage to all the death, gore and glory we see in the movies. It was here that anxious young men would spend time before and after the fight. And it was here, away from the action, that they’d grow as people – morphing, battle-by-battle, from wide-eyed adolescents into the god-like heroes of the history books.

After a short 30-minute break, we’ll make our way to the next stop: Palatine Hill. This was the grassy peak upon which Romulus is said to have founded the city of Rome almost 3000 years ago. No surprise then, that the Roman Emperors chose it as the spot for some of the finest and most spectacular palace’s the ancient world ever saw. They were so fine – in fact – that the word Palace is actually a derivative of the word Palatine. Damn!

The last peg on our journey will be the Roman Forum. Centuries ahead of the rest of the world in terms of its cultural significance, this teeming hub of philosophers, scientists, lawmakers, Pontiffs and commoners was the brains behind Ancient Rome. It was here, among the ornate churches and grand piazza’s, that the real strength of the Romans shone through: their desire and ability to share ideas.

This is where we’ll wrap up the tour, after which you’re welcome to roam freely through the Forum, or head off for some local food and drink (our fave spot is Monti). As always – be sure to ask our guides for the best dining tips.

This route covers about 2.5 kilometres in total and is conducted at a leisurely pace that is suitable for all. The tour duration is around 3 hours.

Colosseum tickets & Palatine Hill and Roman Forum tickets included.

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Confirmation notes

– Feel free to contact us with any questions related to your trip
– Please be in the area 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time
– Look out for a member of our team holding a Carpe Diem Rome sign
– We charge for infants on this tour due to the difficulty in obtaining Colosseum underground tickets
– The tour will operate no matter the weather! No refunds
– Only small bags will be allowed inside
– Prohibited items include scissors, pocket knives, aerosols and liquids, even if less than 100ml (except for water)
– Please bring/wear: Comfortable walking shoes, a jacket or umbrella if rain is forecast and a water bottle
– Colosseum tickets & Palatine Hill and Roman Forum tickets included

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