Trevi Fountain in Rome 2020 Drone Footage & History



Shot by Luigi Palumbo of Invidio

Rome has over 2000 fountains

When I first moved here I was captivated by the abundance of fountains in Rome, but particularly amazed at level of detail on them all. That being said the Trevi Fountain in Rome is arguably the most elaborate and famous of them all… and for good reason. Today it attracts millions of tourists a year and pockets a grand total of 3000 Euros a day!

The Legend of the Coin Toss

At the top of everyone’s Romes itinerary you are bound to find: throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. Why is that?! Legend says that if you throw in one coin then you’re destined to return to Rome, 2 that destined to fall in love, 3 that you are destined to fall in love and get married. Personally, I am not superstitious. The most likely reason that we all want to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain derives from an old Pagan tradition of practicing the coin toss into the fountain of a new place you visit, in the hope of for good fortune.

Trevi Fountain in Rome


Trevi Fountain in Rome

Swimming in the Trevi Fountain

…. Is Illegal. Just because Anita Ekburg splashed about in the Trevi Fountain in the classic film La Dolce Vita does not mean that you can I’m afraid! These days there are hefty fines for the daring tourist who fancies taking a dip in the Trevi Fountain, but it doesn’t stop them! I’ve linked a fantastic article here about a recent occasion that involved some celebrating and inebriated Scotland Rugby fans going for a 900 euro dip. There are countless other scenarios like this that you can find on the internet!

La Dolce Vita


La Dolce Vita 1960

It is a Lifes Work

You might think that a fountain of such grandeur and importance to Rome would have been designed by a famous artist of the time, in fact it’s quite the opposite. A University Teacher called Nicolo Salvi designed the Trevi Fountain after winning a competition in 1732 that was commissioned by the Pope Clements the 12th who wanted to revamp the old fountain.

Sure, Salvi, had been commissioned some minor works, in comparison the Trevi, around the city but nothing of this scale. The project took nearly all of his energy and sadly he died before it’s completion. All in all, it took 30 years to construct the Trevi Fountain and it was completed by Pietro Bracci in 1762. It took 30 years to build…

Trevi fountain in Rome

Virgin’s Aqueduct

Since 19BC the Aqua Vergine, or the virgins aqueduct, has sourced water to the area where the Trevi Fountain is. The story goes that the Emperor Augustus, adopted son of Julius Ceaser, was hunting outside of Rome with his men when they became delirious from dehydration. In the arms of death a Virgin appeared and saved the men by leading them to a font of water which Augustus declared he would bring back to Rome. It became one of Rome’s major 11 aqueducts and interestingly enough the only one that runs underneath the city. The Aqua Vergine is the last of the 11 that is still supplying the city with water to this very day, over 2000 years later!

Drone’s in Rome

It seems that the virus has presented the perfect opportunity for photographers and videographers, especially Drone enthusiasts. Last year the Colosseum top number for the most visited attraction in the world again, and the Vatican took number 3. Usually, the streets are filled with people – many tourists complain that it can be overcrowded even before peak season. Right now, we are seeing Rome now in a way we most likely never see again.

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Rome's Panetheon

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